Climate protection

Climate protection presents one of the greatest challenges to our society. Volkswagen Group, with over 100 locations across the world and producing more than 10 million vehicles in 2014, has a particular responsibility in this area. Our Group environmental strategy enables us to meet this challenge. It applies not only to the products and manufacturing processes in our own production facilities, but also throughout the supply chain, logistics processes and recycling initiatives – in other words, to the entire lifecycle of our products.

We take account of climate change and the resulting risks and opportunities in all of our strategic decisions. To achieve this, we have established committees such as the CSR & Sustainability Steering Group, the Environment & Energy Steering Group and the Group CO2 Steering Group. A key instrument for us is the “CO2 Registry” management and analysis tool, for example, that enables us to analyze every one of the Group’s vehicle projects over the entire vehicles lifecycle with regard to their CO2 emissions. The Registry is based on the targets for CO2 savings derived from our Group environmental strategy.

Strategy development in the area of climate protection is prepared and supported by technical discussions with international scientific experts (for example, representatives of the International Energy Agency) and other stakeholders (for example, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development).