"Future Tracks"

The automotive industry is facing the greatest upheavals in its history. Alternative drive systems, the digitization of the entire value chain and rapidly changing global customer expectations of mobility will shape the coming years. In response, the Volkswagen

Group has launched the “Future Tracks” program: we are developing solutions for the fundamental upheavals and challenges at Board of Management and senior executive level. “Future Tracks” brings together all topics, activities and measures that we are deploying now and will be deploying in the coming years to prepare for the major issues of the future – across all brands and regions and throughout the entire Group.

From a technical viewpoint, our work focuses on drive technologies, digitization and the networking of products and production. Added to this are new requirements for individual mobility and mobility-related services. Our efforts aim to ensure that the Volkswagen Group takes a leading role in shaping and influencing the new world of mobility.

A solid commercial basis is essential to be able to tackle these challenges successfully. For this reason, “Future Tracks” has been introduced not only as a forward-looking program – it also focuses on efficiency. Our intention is to continue to grow profitably, ensuring that we are always in the position to invest in the future of the Volkswagen Group. We are thus creating the foundations to shape the automotive transition and to ensure long-term success.