Another step forward

Numbers sometimes speak louder than words. Seven milestones show how far the Volkswagen Group has already come on its journey into tomorrow’s world of mobility.


billion euros were spent by the Volkswagen Group on research and development in 2014 alone.


computer scientists and IT experts are driving digitization in the Volkswagen Group.


million vehicles produced: the Volkswagen Group celebrated this anniversary in October 2014. Half of the vehicles were produced in the past 15 years alone.


million vehicles were delivered by the Volkswagen Group in 2014. This means that the target for 2018 has been reached four years ahead of schedule.


The Volkswagen Group’s plants are working at full speed on fully connected, intelligent automobile production.


new jobs have been created by the Volkswagen Group since 2007 – 55,000 of them in Germany.


Group models are already below the threshold of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer.