Rain room

Rain Room (photo)

Surely no other artwork currently expresses the interplay between human beings, nature and technology more sensitively and intelligently than Rain Room, the installation created by British-German arts collective Random International. People move around inside a space in the pouring rain – but they don’t get wet! A high-precision infrared camera system and over 50,000 individually controlled water jets turn communication between human beings and space into a spectacular immersive experience. Rain Room sensitizes visitors to their immediate environment and asks them to examine their relationship with nature. The interactive installation is the centerpiece of the EXPO 1 exhibition developed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York in partnership with Volkswagen Group of America.

“Rain Room gives us the illusion of being able to control the weather and simultaneously appeals to our ecological awareness: we should use technology to work in harmony with the powers of nature, not try to change them.”
(Klaus Biesenbach, Director MoMA PS1)