1 Understand

People’s expectations of mobility are changing – and they vary from region to region. Over 46,000 researchers and developers in the Volkswagen Group are working on understanding and meeting these highly diverse needs. The networked automobile is one major focus. It makes driving even safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

2 Act

The digitization of all aspects of life offers a tremendous opportunity to combine environmentally responsible mobility with the pure joy of driving. That is why the Volkswagen Group is working on new ideas and putting them boldly into practice – such as the electrification of drive systems, intelligent analysis of big data, or new traffic solutions for the world’s megacities.

3 Experience

Automobiles will still be more than bits and bytes in the future. High tech and human intuition will work together. Digital networks will support the highest levels of individuality. Visionary design will be combined with classic beauty. The future of driving is fascinating – and it has already begun.